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How I showed a web-building newbie how to create a sales page, a squeeze page and a full membership site in under 2 hours!



Could This Be You?

I was having a chat with a couple of online contacts the other day. Both of them are into Internet Marketing and I had done some web-design work for one of them.

The second guy, Michael who I’d just been introduced to, asked me if I would be available to build a quick squeeze page for him. He went on to explain that he usually used Fiverr but he needed this within the next hour for a mini-launch he was working on!

I said that of course I would help him out but he could do it all himself if he used a particular premium wordpress theme.

Michael told me that he had the theme but didn’t know how to use it and, further more, didn’t have the time to learn anyway!

So – I went ahead and built his squeeze page for him but I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that here was this guy who had bought the theme but had never used it.

A few days went by and I was on a call with the two guys again. I said to Michael that I had been thinking about what he had said about not knowing how to use the premium theme and not having the time to learn.  I continued, “I reckon I can teach you to build a Sales Page, A Squeeze Page and a Full Membership Site in Under 3 Hours”

He didn’t believe me…  but he was keen to test me out so we scheduled a skype call.

The next day he shared his screen with me and I talked him through the whole process.

Did I do it in under 3 hours?

You bet! – I actually did it in under 2!

Build An Internet Marketing Website

How I showed a web-building newbie how to create a sales page, a squeeze page and a full membership site in under 2 hours!Inside ‘Build An Internet Marketing Website’, you’ll learn exactly how easy it is to create a Sales Page, a Squeeze Page and a Full Membership site in under 2 hours using Profits Theme.

I know what it’s like – Most courses are long, drawn-out affairs. I’ve bought courses and then never even started them simply because they were so big (and overwhelming) that I knew I didn’t have enough time to complete them.

This course is 2 hours long!  Well, it’s a bit longer if you count the bonuses!!

So What Do you Get?

  • Installing WordPress – I start out by showing you how to install WordPress from within CPanel. I know most of you will already know this, and if you do you can simply skip this part.
  • Installing the Premium Theme – We do this via the CPanel File Manager.  Sometimes, the size of a theme means that it won’t install using the function inside WordPress – So I show you an alternative way.
  • Overview of the Design Elements – I show you how you can setup the header and the basics of your site.
  • Build A Sales Page – Create a Sales Page from scratch and then publish it! Seriously easy – You just add the copy and you’re good to go.
  • Build A Squeeze Page – ‘A Rose by any other name…’ Call it a Squeeze Page or a Landing Page, I don’t mind. You just need a simple way to tell the visitor what you are offering and to get them onto your list. Adding an optin box is push-button easy :-)
  • Buttons, Boxes, Bullets & Badges – Use these to spruce-up your Sales and Squeeze Pages. You have everything you need already built in to this theme to create beautiful, compelling designs.
  • Integrating Your Autoresponder – An autoresponder enables you to send personalised emails to your subscribers and most importantly, Build A List!  Now I use Aweber and will show you how to integrate your Aweber account with your optin boxes and membership sign-up. That’s right, when someone signs up for your membership you can also add them to your autoresponder.
  • Build A Membership Site – I always say… ‘Everything is easy when you know how’ and this is no exception. Just do the things in the order that I say and you’ll be amazed at just how simple it really is. I even include a printable cheat sheet as a companion guide while you build your first few membership sites.

This is a video tutorial course and a case study combined!

Now you can stop struggling with technical difficulties,
stop paying for outsourcers, and do it yourself!

You really can learn how to create a Sales Page, a Squeeze Page and a Full Membership site in under 2 hours using the skills that I teach you and the premium WP theme that I recommend. And the great thing is that you can use this theme on UNLIMITED DOMAINS that you own.

When I say you can start building your web empire this instant, I mean it. Just think about the cost everytime you have to oursource another squeeze page – And I dread to think what you’d be charged for a Full Membership site!!!

BUT it’s not just about the money – think about how great it will be when you decide you need a new membership site and just moments later there you are, building it. Anytime you want to make a change or create a new one, you are good to go. No more waiting until your designer can fit you in!


30 Day Money Back
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Purchase Is 100% Protected

I am so confident that you will find this to be of use that if for any reason you are not entirely delighted and you don’t learn how to build a Sales Page, Squeeze Page and Membership Site with Profits Theme, I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. All I ask is that you watch the videos and at least give it a try. Seriously, When you master these simple skills you will be able to expand your online empire.


OK, so you have two choices!

  1. 1. Keep doing the same thing outsourcing your sales pages, squeeze pages and membership sites only to find that what they create is not what you wanted and wait while they try again.
  2. 2. TAKE BACK CONTROL of your business and learn how to build the first of your many Internet Marketing Websites.


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“My Fear Just Melted Away”

When I first started my learning with Kevin I didn’t even know what WordPress was!!  Now I’ve just completed a private members site and I did it all by myself.

Kevin,  I can’t thank you enough. Your style is brilliant and when you told me that ‘everything is simple when you know how’ it was like someone flicked on a light switch!  My fear just melted away and I literally feel that nothing can (or will)  stop me now.

I now have the confidence to build more and more. You are the man :-)
- Paul Harris

Kevin Barham

PS. Remember, you’re covered by my “No-Questions-Asked” 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are on you. If it turns out that you don’t like my ‘Build an Internet Marketing Website’ tutorials, simply contact my Support Desk and I’ll ensure you receive a prompt refund in full.